Bethel Church
Intercessions:  Pray as you would pray if the situations were yours ...

Specific Requests and Updates !!!

Jeremy (nephew of Theresa Wh) ~ taken to the ER this week with excruciating back
        pain.  They have diagnosed it as a disc problem. Please pray for healing and relief
        from pain.   [210212]

Elise Gr ~ Pray for healing and a full recovery from recent hand surgery.  [210115]

Hank Ke’s sister, Debbie ~ hospitalized with pneumonia. Pray for a full recovery.   [210115]

Timmy Pr ~ a friend of the An's has been diagnosed with a neuroblastoma.
    Pray for comfort and healing   [201220]

Madelyn Up's sister Marilyn is suffering from severe complications following a triple
    bypass.   Pray for a full recovery   [201218]
    At the last report Madelyn's sister is doing well and is recovering.   Pray for her
    continuing progress. . [201223]

Jeff Kr ~ Pray for healing following successful hip replacement surgery this past week.  
    Jeff is undergoing therapy and is recovering.   Thank the Lord   [201224]

Bob St ~ having heart issues. Will be having a heart catheterization soon.    [201211]

Beth (Jeff Kr’s sister) ~ facing multiple medical issues.  [201211]

COVID -19 ~ Pray for all of the individuals, caregivers, families and businesses
    affected by this virus.  [200313]
    There are several in the congregation who have friends and family exposed
    or who are severely suffering from CoVid.   Pray and thank God for protection,
    recovery and health.  [201122]

Continuing Requests

Pastor Joel and Pastor Jason ~ Pray for wisdom, strength, patience, and encouragement
as he leads us through these challenging times.  

Russell and Donna Lovett   ~   LINKS missionaries. . Keep them in your prayers
    as they serve in Mali.

David and Rhonda Ackerman ~ Faith Promise missionaries.

Robert North ~ Faith Promise missionary from Africa

Our Nation ~ keep our nation and its leaders in your prayers.   Ask God to forgive
    us for our foolish disregard of His will and ways.   Pray for our leadership and for a
    national revival and healing.

Several in the congregation have requested that you pray and intercede for
    parents and children in their families; for wisdom, for healing and for comfort.   
    Many are facing serious life changing issues.   
    Many need to personally make Jesus Lord of their lives and live for Him.

Pray for God's leading and wisdom that we would glorify Him in all things.

Pray that God's kingdom would come soon - that His will would be done on
    Earth in the same way it is done in Heaven.  

Dr. Glen Gardner ~ Keep him in your prayers as he serves as the Superintendent
    of the Eastern Michigan District.

Bethel Church ~ Pray for God to raise up leaders and workers for ministry.  Pray
    for our church leaders.   Pray for the ministry of Bethel Church, the pastors and
    leaders, and for God's Spirit to lead us.

Northbrook Early Childhood Academy Continue to pray for the daycare as it
    operates day to day here at Bethel.   Pray for wisdom and safety for all concerned.   
    Pray that God will use it as a means to reach our community.

Feeding the Need ~ Keep Pam, Cheryl and the ministry in your prayers as
    they serve in our community.

Mapfumo Samson ~ Bethel’s sponsored child from the Congo  

Gita Tudu ~ Bethel's sponsored child from Bangladesh

Cristel  ~ sponsored child from the Philippines

Baraka ~ sponsored child from the Congo.  

Keep Our Missionaries in Prayer!
    Prayer for safety and effectiveness of all missionaries around the world where
    ever they may be serving the Lord.   Many are under daily threat.

Pray for our nation:
    Wisdom ~ for our elected officials
    Healing ~ for our nation
    Protection ~ for the success and safety of all our first responders, law
         enforcement,  military, and health care personnel where ever they have
    or may be serving.

Pray for our world ~ as many face persecution, disease and natural disasters.
    Pray that people will turn their hearts and minds toward Jesus Christ as their source
    of hope, help and healing.

Petitions - Requests for Prayer - to add and keep on your prayer list  

Pray that in everything we do, think, and say God will be glorified - that others will see
    Him in us...  

Pray that we will see and boldly do God’s will and that we will be empowered and led
    by God's spirit to do it.

Pray that nothing we do or say will be an embarrassment to Him  

Pray that we will trust God for all He has in store for us.  

Pray that our good influence on behalf of God's work and Kingdom will increase.  

Pray that we will be kept from evil and that evil will be kept from us.  

Pray for our leaders and those in authority - that they would see and follow God's leading.

Pray for our nation - ask God to forgive us.  

Pray for Pastor Joel, our Church staff, & leadership teams - wisdom and boldness  

Pray for our children and teens as they face pressures we never knew in our day   

Finally:  Ask God about your own personal, private needs and desires;
those things that are just between you and God alone...  

    We all have our needs and desires, things we want God to do for us.
    Be certain you are asking God for an outcome, not just complaining about your

    We need to consider some things as we ask God to 'do for us':
        What will I do if God grants my request?
                    What if He heals me, corrects my finances, gets me a new job, whatever...
          Will I go back to living as usual, doing my own thing?
         Am I really seeking His Kingdom?
                    Why do I want Him to give me what I'm asking for?'
Am I seeking my own comfort and ease, looking for my will to be done

                        James 4:3  Ye ask, and receive not, because
                 ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.
step up - take your place
be an intercessor  -  pray for someone else's needs
Do not be anxious about anything,
but in every situation,
by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God.      
Phil 4:6   [paraphrased]  

Thank Him for being in control !!   
What has God already said in His Word about your situation and request ??

Bring your needs to Him in a way that expresses what you believe God will do
Then plan, act and talk like it...
Do not tell God how to answer but submit to His ways.   
He just may be doing something you are unaware of...
Before God will change your situation, He often needs to change you.

Prayer is not so much about us getting God to do what we want,
but rather its about us finding out and getting on board with
what God wants and is already doing ...

    Be sure you listen as much as you speak your mind ...
If God cares so wonderfully for flowers
that are here today and gone tomorrow,
don’t you think he will surely care for you?

Don't be faithless concerning God….
Your heavenly Father already knows your needs.

Rather than worry,
make His Kingdom and doing right your chief aim
and the things you need for living shall also be yours.

Matthew 6:30, 32-33 [paraphrased]
Brothers, count it all joy
when you experience different testings and temptations.

Know this -
the trying of your faith
 [your confidence in God]
puts your patience to work
[your ability to behave consistently
in any and all circumstances].

Let patience grow and finish its work developing you,
so that you may be complete and whole in your walk,
lacking nothing concerning your confidence in God.

Do you lack wisdom?
Ask for it from God, He gives to all men liberally
He won't criticize or punish you for asking.  
If you ask for wisdom it will be provided by God.

If you ask however, ask in faith, with confidence in God.
Be patient - steady and consistent - don't waver.   
The one that wavers is like a wave of the sea,
blown by the wind, churned up, and tossed about.
Don't think that anyone who wavers
- who is inconsistent in living, who lacks confidence in God -
will receive any thing from the Lord.  
A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

James 1:2-8  [paraphrased]  
Is anyone among you afflicted
(ill-treated, suffering evil)?
He should pray.

Is anyone glad at heart?
He should sing praise [to God].

Is anyone among you sick?
He should call in the church elders
(the spiritual leaders and mentors).
they should pray over him,
anointing him with oil in the Lord's name.
And the prayer
[that is] of faith
will save him who is sick,
and the Lord will restore him;
and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.

Confess to one another therefore your faults
(your slips, false steps, offenses, and sins)
and pray [also] for one another,
that you may be healed and restored.

The earnest
[heartfelt, confident, and consistent] prayer
of a righteous man makes tremendous power available
[which is a force for change in its working].
James 5:13-16  [paraphrased]  
Every good gift and every perfect gift
(is free, full and complete and)
is from above;
they are sent to us from God, the Father of all that gives light.

When we live in His light
there is no variation,
no rising or setting,
nor are there any shadows cast on us
like the sun when it moves behind a cloud.

James 1:17   [paraphrased]  
    After this manner therefore pray ye:               Matt 6:9-13  KJV
    Jesus was talking to ‘disciples’; disciples who asked Him to teach them
    to pray as John the Baptist had done with his disciples.

    Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
    Recognize God for who He is and honor Him for it.   
    Hallowed - sanctified, separate, special, holy, unique.
    Remember, those praying this prayer are ‘disciples’; believers.
    How do we as believers ‘hallow’ God’s name?
    Handle His name with reverence and awe.
    We do not take God’s name in vain …
        This is not about swearing, cursing, or running around
        repeating ‘Oh, my gaawd!’ every 2 minutes…
    Taking God’s name in vain is:about:
       - asking for God’s help but not believing that He will.    
       - giving Him control and taking it back at the first opportunity.
       - ‘talking the talk’ but not ‘walking the walk’.
       - attaching God's name to something He has nothing to do with
         and does not, would not approve of being associated with...
    In my life today, Father, may your name be honored in all I do , think
    and say.
    As I have contact people today may the result be that they think
    better of you.

    Thy kingdom come.  
    Come quickly Lord Jesus – Maranatha
        When you pray ‘Thy Kingdom come’ you are asking that the Lord
        Jesus would return soon and to set up His eternal rule.
              Yep … you are asking for the Rapture of the Church
              and the endtime events God has planned to be
              completed soon and quickly.
    Look for, Pray for the Lord's soon return - It is our is the
    future we expect and it should be the basis for our actions today.

    Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
    Again, this is a request for Jesus to return and establish His
    uncontested reign and rule.
    - It is your agreement to carry out God’s will personally as you see it in
         God’s Word and are guided by the Holy Spirit.
    - It is asking God to expand His plans and purposes in and through us
    - It is asking Him to empower us to do His will
    - It is submitting yourself to God's will and obeying Him as quickly as
         His angels do.   
    - It is making His will, representing Him on Earth your daily lifestyle...

    Give us this day our daily bread.
    Don't worry about tomorrow.   
        When tomorrow becomes today, God will still be in control, will still
        love and care for us, and will still have more than enough to satisfy
        the needs we'll have then.  
                 He and His love for us aren't going anywhere ...

    And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.    [Forgive us our
    trespasses, as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.]
    Forgive us in the same way we forgive others ...  
        [Watch out - don't let the sun set while you are still angry.]
    Bless us in the same way we bless others…those who are in our debt…

    And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:
    Keep us from evil - and - keep evil from us ...

    For thine is the kingdom,  
    This is God's creation, He owns it, it's all His - and always will be.
        It is His to rule.   Jesus is Lord !!     God is in control.
            It's Him for us ...

    and the power,  
    He is the source of our abilities   
        He empowers us.   It's His strength we use, not our own.   
              It's Him through us ...

    and the glory,
    How is God glorified?   
       - By our lives…By us abiding in Him; being faithful, meek, and
                 self-controled – representing God rightly.
        - By being longsuffering, gentle, and good toward others.
                 Only He deserves and should receive all glory
                         - the thanks, praise and honors for what we accomplish.
        It's Him in us...
    for ever.   Amen.  
    Always and without end...  That's the way it is   -   It is so !!!

Like any soldier in an army, you are occasionally ordered to
"Stop what you were doing, Drop to your knees (mentally if not physically),
and give God 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 dollars ... 10 whatever..."

When the Lord brings someone to mind, it's not a coincidence.
He expects you to do something about it  - to intercede ...

If God has shown you a need and provided and enabled you to meet that need
He expects you to meet that need --
not to just pass the need along hoping someone else will step up and meet it.

He expects you to pray, inviting Him into the situation, asking Him to empower and enable both you
and the one you are interceding for to trust Him;
that in everything - in every thought, word,
and deed - He will be glorified !!!

As you go through the week and God brings one the prayer requests below or that person to your thoughts,
stop right then and there and intercede...give God ten.

Whether it's one particular prayer request or you present the whole list to God,
pray and do as God leads and grabs your mind, heart, and attention...
    JAMES 4 [paraphrased]

    1  WHAT LEADS to strife, discord, and feuds?
    How do conflicts - quarrels and fightings - originate among you?
    Don't they start with the selfish sensual desires within you that are ever
    at war for control of you?
    2  You are jealous and covet what others have and your desires go unfulfilled;
    so you hate becoming murderers at heart.
    You burn with envy and anger and are not able to obtain the
    gratification, contentment, or happiness that you seek,
    so you fight and war within and with others.  

    You do not have, because you do not ask.

    3  Or you do ask God and fail to receive what you ask because you ask with
    wrong purpose and with evil, selfish motives.
    Your intention is to use what you desire for sensual pleasures or for
    your own selfish comfort and purposes.
    4  You are like unfaithful wives having an illicit love affair with the world and
    breaking your marriage vow to God!
    Do you not know that being the world's friend is being God's enemy?
    So whoever chooses to be a friend of the world takes his stand
    as an enemy of God.
    5  Do you suppose that the Scripture is speaking empty words when it says,
    The Spirit Whom He has caused to dwell in us yearns over us and He yearns
    for the Spirit [to be welcome] with a jealous love?

    6  But God gives us more and more grace through the power of the Holy Spirit,
    to fully meet this and all other evil tendencies.
    That is why He says, God sets Himself against the proud and haughty,
    but gives grace continually to the lowly, to those who are humble
    enough to receive it.

    7  So be subject to God.
                Resist the devil [stand firm against him], and he will flee from you.
    8  Come close to God and He will come close to you.
    Recognize that you have sinned,
    Get your soiled hands clean;
    Realize that you have been disloyal wavering individuals
    with divided interests, and
    Purify your hearts [of your spiritual adultery].
    John 17    Look at the things He asked the Father for us.    
    What does this tell you about God's will?

    • “Father, glorify Jesus and Yourself through us” (vs 1,10).
    • “Enable us to reveal Your character and heart to those we contact.
    • “Grant each of us the eternal life that comes from knowing You,
           the one true God and Jesus Christ, whom You sent (vs 2-3)
    • “Lord, help us to glorify You in all things. Give us strength to complete
           the work that You have given us” (v 4).
    •   "May our words and actions come directly from You” (vs 6,8,26).
    •   “Protect us from the evil one by the power of Your name.  Do not allow any
           of us to be turned from You or your ways” (vs 11-12,15).
    •   “Unite us completely so the world will know the truth about Jesus and
           Your love as they watch us live. (vs 11,22-23).
    •   “Show me how to protect others from evil and the evil one" (v 12).
    •   “Fill us with Your joy” (v 13).
    •   “Empower us to be effective witnesses for You. Bring many to believe in
           Jesus through our message” (vs 18, 20).
    •   “Help us to equip them to carry out Your mission in the world” (v 18).
    •   “Sanctify us so they too may know and live the truth” (v 19).
    •   “Show us how glorious Jesus is.  Let us experience Your deep
    •   “Draw us into oneness with You.  
    Allow us to experience the depth of Your love so we can pass on
    that love to them” (vs 22-23).

                               Based on a Disciplship Journal article by Dianne Bundt, Editor, DJ Online News
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We will not post requests we receive in
private conversations or communications
unless specifically asked to do so.

We may post requests for prayer and
intercession that are made in a public
meeting or forum.

We may need to edit or reword requests.

We will leave them on the website for up
to 30 days from the date that we receive
the request, updates or further info.

If your request is posted here, let us know
what God is doing concerning the request.

If you have a prayer request that you wish
to be printed in the next bulletin, you can
submit it on a Communication Card and
place in the offering plate, leave it on the
church office voicemail, or email to   

Requests must be received by noon on
Friday to be printed in Sunday’s bulletin.
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