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Meet the Pastor
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                                                Steps in the Pastoral Search Process

One of the benefits of being part of a denominational family like the Church of the Nazarene, is a clearly defined and
structured process for the selection of a new pastor. We are guided by the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene (our
By Laws.) in this journey.

    Pray and Trust
    Our prayers at this stage express our understanding that the church is the Lord's.   We express our trust in Him.
    He has led us thus far, and He will lead us into our tomorrow as a church as well.

1. Establish Interim Arrangements
    The District Superintendent (DS), will meet with the local church board and staff to explain the transition process.
    Then, the board and the District Superintendent will establish interim arrangements to maintain as much continuity
    as possible. A regular and effective system of communicating to the congregation will be established in order to
    provide opportunities for input and participation in the search process.

2. Thank and Bid Farewell to Our Departing Pastor!!
    Because we are praying and trusting God and because the board and the district superintendent are hard at work
    on our behalf we as a congregation can focus on our departing pastor who has served us faithfully and sacrificially,
    expressing to him our love and gratitude, as well as covenanting to pray for him and our pastoral family as they
    obediently follow God's leading for their lives.

    Pray and Trust
    At this stage of the process our prayers express our understanding that during transition the church does not
    cease to be the church. We continue to minister in our community, care for one another, be faithful in
    attendance and stewardship, and encourage one another in the Lord. We especially pray that God would
    grant wisdom, insight and boldness to our church board and district superintendent as they carry out important
    assessments of the church and develop profiles for the next steps in the process. We pray that God would also
    begin to work in the heart of the pastor he is preparing for us. We pray for former pastors as they transition to
    new ministries.

3. Assessment of Church Status
    The board and District Superintendent will review membership, attendance and financial records. Physical plant will
    also be inspected and assessed. Interviews with staff will seek their input. Congregational input will be sought by
    various means.  Conversations will take place with the various constituencies of the church.

4. Development of Profiles for Church and Potential Pastoral Candidates
    Based on information gathered in Step 3, the board and District Superintendent will develop a local church profile,
    which will include expressions of vision and the mission of the local church. The board and District Superintendent
    will also develop a profile for potential pastoral candidates.

    Pray and Trust
    At this stage, our prayers express gratitude to God for the congregation we have become, and remind God that
    He is not finished with us yet. We recognize He has plans for us that are greater and grander than anything we
    have dreamed. We trust Him to lead our board and district superintendent in developing a list of candidates that
    reflect what we believe God wants to do in us and through us as a congregation in the coming years.

5. Identification of Potential Pastoral Candidates
    The District Superintendent develops a list and researches potential candidates based on the local church profile.
    Congregational input will be asked for in developing a list of potential candidates. All candidates should be ordained
    elders in the Church of the Nazarene. The board and District Superintendent will review profiles of the church and
    potential pastoral candidates comparing the profiles with the names collected in order to refine the list of names.
    A short list of candidates will be created, and candidates will be prioritized.

    Pray and Trust
    At this stage of the process, our prayers express our desire that God would lead our board during the interview
    process, that He would give them discernment as they make judgments about character, ministry strengths,
    leadership capability, and , compatibility with the community and mission of our local church.

6. Interview Process
    Because most, if not all, of the candidates will be involved in current ministries, we will conduct this part of the
    process with great attention to confidentiality and sensitivity, so as not to distract from or damage the current
    ministry of a candidate.
    The District Superintendent alone will be responsible for contacting candidates, leading research
    efforts on those candidates and extending invitations for interviews.
    Interviewing begins with the first name on the prioritized search list. A decision is made after the interview whether
    to present the name to the congregation or to release the name from the process and move on to the next name
    on the list.

7. Board Nomination of a Candidate to the Congregation for a Vote
    A two-thirds [affirmative] vote of the church board by ballot is required.   Results are reported to the District
    Superintendent who communicates the vote to the candidate. Candidate accepts or declines to allow his name to
    be presented to the congregation for a vote. The decision to let the congregation vote does not bind the candidate
    to accept an affirmative vote.

    Pray and Trust
    At this stage of the process, our prayers express our gratitude that God has brought us to this important step
    where the congregation expresses what it believes to be the leading of the Holy Spirit. We ask God to give us
    a sense of unity as the Body of Christ and a sense of anticipation that God is preparing us for a new and
    exciting chapter in the life of the church. We ask that God would guide the candidate being considered, and
    give full assurance of divine direction. We express our full confidence in the God of the church. While we may
    not know what tomorrow holds, we know Who holds tomorrow.

8. Congregational Vote
    Announcement of the [affirmative board] vote will be made in two regular services prior to the [congregational] vote.
    Communication about the candidate will be given to the congregation so that they may vote knowledgeably.
    Two-thirds favorable vote by ballot of church members of voting age (15 years and older), present and voting,
    is required to extend a call.

    Pray and Trust
    Our prayers at this stage express our desire that God would make His will clear to the candidate on which we
    have voted.

9. Response of the Candidate
    [Based on an affirmative congregational vote,] The candidate has 15 days to decide whether or not to accept the
    call.   His acceptance will serve as the final confirmation that we have been led by God in our decision.  A declined
    invitation will indicate God calling us to make a correction in our decision and the process will go back to the church
    board to interview another candidate.

10. Arrival of New Pastor
    The board and District Superintendent work on the details of the new pastor's move and starting date.   The
    announcement of our new pastor is communicated to the community and to the broader Nazarene church family.
    The district superintendent will conduct a formal pastoral installation service.   We celebrate God's continued
    faithfulness to His Church. We make our new pastor and family feel very welcome and help make their transition
    as smooth as possible. We begin this new chapter in the life of the church with a spirit of joy and anticipation.

    Pray and Trust
    At this stage our prayers are prayers of gratitude to God for leading us through the search process and
    providing us with a new pastor. We pray for the new pastor and family in their transition and we covenant
    to do our part in making their ministry among us effective and a journey of joy.


    1. With confidence in God and in our local and district leadership, we continually bathe this process in prayer.
       Suggestions for the nature and content of our prayers are provided as we progress along the journey.

    2. The board and District Superintendent will provide official communications regularly regarding our progress
       and interim arrangements. Please do not expect staff to be able to answer questions about the process. In fact,
       they are asked simply to refer to official updates from the board.

    3. Please do not contact pastors and ask them to submit resumes. Congregants may submit names to the board
       secretary and District Superintendent, but please allow the District Superintendent to initiate contact with the
       candidates eventually selected for consideration.

    4. If you have questions about the process within the Church of the Nazarene, please contact a church board member.

                                         Church Board - Serving March 2017 through February 2018

Jennifer Co     Auda Da      Rose Fa      Mary Ke      Jeff Kr      Gene Vo
Pastoral Search Update:

The Church Board, through thoughtful prayer and spiritual introspection and working with our District
Superintendent, Dr. Gardner, has interviewed and selected a candidate for our lead pastor and are
now announcing that there will be a Meet and Greet with the candidate on
Monday, November 20,
at 7:00pm
in the sanctuary.  Dr. Gardner will moderate an interview followed by a devotional.  
Afterwards, there will be a time of fellowship with light snacks and drinks.  

For more information about the candidate please see any of the board members.  

If there are any specific questions you would like to ask the candidate through the interview conducted
by Dr. Gardner, please send them to me at and I will consolidate the
list and forward it to Dr. Gardner.

The process time line for acceptance of the candidate requires announcement before the membership
for 2 consecutive Sundays, which will be
November 19 and November 26, with a membership vote
December 3.

On behalf of the Church Board and myself I want to thank each of you for your support during this time
of transition.

                                            Jeffery Krause.     Board Secretary, Bethel Church of the Nazarene  Attender info  Bible Study info