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Whether you choose to believe them or not, doesn't change them...
We choose to go by rejecting His offer of forgiveness and salvation
which He provided through Jesus sacrifice on our behalf.
God will / must judge sin.    Either we accept Jesus payment on our behalf
or we will stand before God's anger at sin and pay for the sins we still carry ourselves.
    He has done all He can to save us from His wrath....

  • There is one, eternal, true, living God - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – Who is.   
    He reveals Himself to those who diligently seek Him;
  • through His Living Word - His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ
  • through His written Word.  
  • through His creation
    all by the calling, witness and working of His Spirit

  • He empowers and develops those that will worship Him in spirit and in truth
  • True worshippers will live their lives in a way that seeks to bring Him joy;
  • True worshippers will honor Him in thought, word and deed,
  • True worshippers will offer themselves to Him, moment by moment, as a living sacrifice,
    making themselves available to Him to use to work His will in and through them as He chooses.

  • The Bible, God’s written word - Old and New Testament - was given to us by God through the inspiration of the
    Holy Spirit.   
  • It is complete and true.
  • It is to be taken seriously - studied, understood and applied to our daily lives
  • It is God’s personal message to us.
  • It was given to establish us in His truth,
    to use to gage our lives and service,
    to correct us in attitude and conduct, and
    to instruct us in righteousness.

  • God’s Justice and Righteousness demands that sin’s penalty of death be paid in full.   
  • Men and women are all born in a sinful condition
  • As sinners we are unable to do anything on our own that will make us acceptable to God.

  • In Jesus, God became a man; the flesh and blood Son of God; born as the scriptures said...
  • He is ‘God’s Living Word - God in the flesh’.   
    Born sinless, as the Son of God, He lived sinlessly.   
    He is our example of the righteousness that God’s holiness demands.   
  • He offered Himself freely for us, taking on himself the sentence we earned due to our personal sin.  He,
    who had no sin, took on Himself our sin and paid our penalty for us.
  • Three days following His death and burial Jesus rose from the dead just as the scriptures declared.
    When Jesus died and rose again He did for us what we could not do for ourselves,
    And, He made it possible for anyone to be given a new life who will:
  1. personally believe that Jesus is alive, acknowledging His payment for their sin and
  2. publicly acknowledge their belief in Him as their living Lord and Savior.
    They will be spiritually ‘born again’; will be made new.

  • This new life is available to us only through Christ Jesus.  
  • It places us into a personal right relationship with God satisfying God's justice without compromising or
    violating God’s character, righteousness, or perfection.
    There is no other way for any of us to have a right relationship with our holy God.

  • Those who believe - place their trust and faith in Jesus - will be made new, given a new start and new purpose
    in life.  We will be changed.  In Christ we become new creatures.   As a result:
  • We will live a life of gratitude and praise seeking to please Him,
    Not because we must but because we want to please Him.
    No longer a slave to it, we can finally say no to sin and temptation.
    Christ likeness and obedience to Him becomes our priority and our goal in life.
  • Love will drive us - God's love for us and our love for God.
  • The Holy Spirit who indwells us will empower us.
    He will teach us.
    He will reveal God’s will and plan for us and
    He will guide us deeper and deeper into God’s truth establishing a closer and closer
    relationship to Him as we grow and mature in the new life we now have in Christ.   

  • Jesus is our Living Lord interceding with God on behalf of all those who:
  • believe in Him,
  • have put their trust and faith in Him, and
  • who confess Him as their Lord.   
    He forgives, cleanses, and is finishing the work He has begun in those who are His.

  • Those who ignore Him or choose to reject Jesus as their Living Lord, those who refuse to acknowledge His
    death as the payment for their sin, will ultimately stand before God still carrying their own guilt, shame and
  • As a result of their own choice to reject God's offer they will be hopelessly and eternally lost.   
    The price of Sin is death and it will be paid.
    Either Jesus pays your debt  -  or  -  you pay it yourself.

  • The Lord Jesus will return unannounced - this time to execute God's wrath on those who have not accepted
    His offer of salvation.
  • Think a minute,    What are we being saved from ???   ---  
    We are saved from God's wrath, by God, so we can be reconciled to God,
    and enjoy friendship with God, as we live for God.
    But don't delay, Jesus IS coming back !!   and Soon !!

  • In the meantime, until He returns, He calls us to:
  • represent Him to the world through our character, speech and conduct
  • to be His ambassadors to the world working to reconcile men, women and children to Him
  • to be a light in a dark place drawing others to Him
  • to lift Him up
  • to bind and loose as He directs, restraining evil by standing up for righteousness..

God, thank you for your free gift of eternal life.
I know I am a sinner and need your forgiveness.  
I am sorry for my sins, and I ask You to forgive me.

Jesus, I believe You died on the cross
for my sins and that you rose again from the dead.

I now open myself to you completely
and I invite your Holy Spirit to come into my life.  

I realize there is nothing I can do to earn my salvation.
I place my complete trust in You alone for eternal life.  

I choose to follow and serve You as my Lord.  

Father, please, make me the person
You want me to be.
Come and join us at  Bethel.   Learn and grow with us.
Tell us about your decision.
Decide for yourself and tell God...
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