What to Expect ...
Coming in from the front parking lot you will be greeted by several people.
Any of them can answer questions or provide directions.  

You may receive a 'Communications Card'  to fill out if you wish - we encourage you to
do so.   Just leave it with an usher or drop it in the offering plate when it is passed.   

As a visitor, don't feel you must give unless God leads you to give.
                                        We will not pressure you to do anything that you are not comfortable with.
                                             God might challenge you however - That's between Him and you.

                                We will work hard to make you feel welcome, helping if we can, without embarrassing you.

Sunday Meetings

Adult and Kids Study Groups -  9:45 am (& the
2nd and 4th Friday Night Bible Study 7:30 PM)

  • We usually have several classes to choose from .  
    Adults meet in the North wing (Fellowship Hall).   Kids meet in the South Wing.   The Infant Nursery is the first room on the
    right as you enter the South Wing.    Child care is available on request - call or e-mail the church office and let Wendy know...

  • Some adult groups cover contemporary Christian books and how they relate to God's Word and our lives.   
  • Other study groups may cover a specific subject.  
  • The Adult Bible Study group usually goes through a book of the Bible verse by verse using it as our 'launching pad'.   
    We could end up anywhere and all over in God's Word.   

Whether we're studying a specific book of the Bible or gong over some particular subject, we will take allot of 'side trips' as
questions, discussions, or issues come up or as current events may dictate.  We're in no hurry and have no deadlines to meet.  
We have until the Lord comes.   As a result, it can take a long time to 'complete' our studies.   We generally do not run on a
'quarterly' basis.   All our Adult Study groups tend to be informal, you can feel comfortable joining us at any point.   You won't be lost.

Morning Praise and Worship / Children's Church -  11:00 am

  • Younger children will stay in the south wing nursery / class rooms during the morning service.
  • The children (K-6th) meet in the south wing 'great room' for Kids Rock.  Your K-6 age children are welcome to stay with you
    in the adult service if you (or they) prefer.
  • The teens typically sit together in the first several front rows toward the middle right side.  Encourage your teens to join them
    if they wish.

What happens in a typical Morning Praise and Worship Service?

Unless...There is some special event  - or -  God directs the service differently....

  • We start with some singing - the words are projected on the front screen if you'd like to join in - even if it's just a 'joyful noise' .
  • We will take a few moments to greet those seated near us.
  • We will hear a few announcements.
  • We will pass an offering plate for those who wish to contribute and give as God leads
  • There will be more songs and the morning Scripture passage will be read.
  • We will pray together in small groups or silently as Pastor leads us in spoken prayer.
    (No pressure either way - this is God's and your time to talk things over together ...)
  • The morning message will be delivered
  • We will be dismissed as appropriate, usually with a closing song...

Various Other Small Group Meetings and Events

  • There may be a time for singing, sharing,  testimonies  (what has God been doing with you lately), prayer time, a Bible study
    (hearing or discussing a lesson from God's word), a time for questions  - or not - depending on the group and the purpose
    of the meeting.
51850 North Ave.
Macomb, MI 48042
(586) 598-8555
What to Expect ...
There are coat rooms on either side of the Lobby.

The rest rooms are located to the left between
the front lobby and the north wing.
A water fountain is located between and
just outside the rest rooms.

FYI - Bethel is a No Smoking site.
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You BELONG at Bethel
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